Welcome to the SEALANDER Online-Configurator.

On the following pages, you can inform yourself about the different equipment options, as well as colour and material variants. By selecting the respective articles, you can equip your individual SEALANDER according to your needs and your own taste.

Upon completion of your desired configuration, you will receive the compilation of your selected equipment by e-mail as a PDF file.
Afterward, we or one of our dealers in your area will contact you to discuss your desired equipment, delivery times, and possible questions with you personally. Upon request, we will then send you a personal offer, which you can sign to order the production of your individual SEALANDER.

If you have any questions or comments, please note them in the field provided when you complete the configuration or contact us by mail or phone.
We will be happy to support you in the realization of your own SEALANDER version and advise you in the selection and composition of your individual equipment wishes.

We look forward to your inquiry and hope you enjoy designing your personal SEALANDER-Vision!

SEALANDER Basic-Vehicle

The SEALANDER Basic-Vehicle is your entry into a completely new dimension of flexible and self-determined leisure activities.

With the base vehicle, you get a recreational vehicle that is approved and usable both as an unbraked caravan under 750 kg and as a motorboat of category D. The basic vehicle contains everything that is required for the approval criteria of these areas of application (TÜV/CE).

All components and materials used are suitable for use on land as well as on water, tested, and partly developed especially for the SEALANDER. The selection of the materials and components used, as well as their processing, is carried out with the utmost care and is subject to strict safety standards, as well as our high standards and our passion for detail.

A detailed list of the equipment, as well as the installed components, can be found in the product description below. In the tab Standard Design, you will find the representation of the standard design of a basic model and the combined materials and colors. In the other categories, you have the possibility to extend and adapt the technical equipment, as well as the design and the color scheme of the design equipment according to your individual wishes.


Under the following Equipment-Extensions, you will find technical components with which you can equip the SEALANDER individually according to your needs and the purposes you wish to use it for. All equipment is suitable for use on water and on land and has been specially selected for the SEALANDER.


Our special equipment ensures the right feel-good factor onboard your SEALANDER. In addition to a sophisticated and environmentally friendly energy supply for longer trips, the entertainment system specially developed for the maritime environment provides the right sound for your adventures.


Under the Design-Equipment, you will find all components of the SEALANDER whose aesthetics you can individually design according to your taste by selecting colours or materiality. The first picture shows the standard design or colour of the article as it is used in the basic vehicle without surcharge. On the right side of the article, you will find the optional colours or materials.

If the colour you want is not among them, or you have a special request, we will be happy to advise you in the selection and implementation of your personal design vision.